Pallet stackers

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With the use of the completely new automatic pallet warehouse from MQ Lift, with which you can stack or destack pallets fully automatically in a quick and easy way, not only is damage to pallets (and any transport damage) greatly reduced, but you also promote safety and working conditions of your employees on the shop floor.

MQ Lift has used all its positive, but especially negative experiences with the most common suppliers of the often pneumatic pallet warehouses, to develop a fully electric pallet stacker.

This has resulted in a unique and extremely reliable pallet stacker, based on maximum reliability in combination with extremely high uptime.

Specific feature:

Ergonomic pallet stacking and destacking

Suitable for 25 pallets

Fully automatic

Choose from 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 pallets at the same time

Fully electric, no hydraulics

Suitable for use in the food industry

Connection voltage 1Ph/230V or 3Ph/400V

Also suitable for AGV use

Up to five pallets handled in one movement

The operator can easily choose whether he wants to handle one, two, three, four or even pallets in one movement. The automatic pallet warehouse not only increases productivity and creates an ergonomically sound workplace for the employee, it also guarantees stable stacking and efficient storage of pallets.

Safe and efficient

With the new automatic pallet warehouse you will not only prevent back problems and injuries to hands caused by splinters or sharp edges, it will also show a significant reduction in forklift use.